About Me

Hello Teachers,

My name is Mike Courtright and I am currently a business/computer technology teacher in Northeast PA.  I am also a online teacher part-time, a football coach, a father and aspiring teacher-preneur.  I am currently tenured in the state of Pennsylvania, but I am still considered the young guy in my building.  My background as an educator may be unique compared to some of my colleagues. I am deeply passionate about helping students of all ages become engaged in the learning process

I created this website and the Mr. Court EDU podcast to share my experiences as an educator in the modern day classroom to help teachers, coaches and those looking to increase their knowledge.  This podcast is more about the day-to-day focus of being a teacher and the triumphs and struggles we face: Grading, times of year and students react, using educational technology to enhance the learning environment.

Often times, educators are given data and research studies to aid us in our jobs.  Most of the time this information comes from political agendas, case studies at the scholarly level or our state departments .  I use this to help me further my development as well.   However, teachers rarely receive a prospective from inside the classroom.  It’s also rare to see younger educators take leadership roles in this area.  I designed this podcast to inspire those who need it.

With that said, I am by  no means, perfect or think I have all the answers.  I strive to learn something new everyday and better myself with the help of others.

If you would like me to cover something that more closely relates to you, feel free to leave a comment!




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