Publishing a Google Slides Presentation to the Web

Create daily announcements for your class to share on the your LMS, class page or on you overhead projector.


Positives and Negatives of LMS

We are always looking for new ways to assess students needs, while also increasing the efficiency at which we operate as teachers.

One of the ways I am able to do this is using an LMS or Learning Management System. In my podcast I discuss the main reasons I use one for all my classes.  I also discuss the potential issue you my face.


Why I use a Learning Management System


I have used a learning management system (or LMS) since I began my career as a full-time teacher.  In fact, I used the computer for most elements of my classroom: Sharing assignments, bell ringers, formative assessments and so on.

Over the last couple years, I have changed my thought process on that matter. A paradigm shift if you will…I no longer use technology for all things teaching.

However, I continue to build my classes with my LMS because it is easy to use and makes for a more efficient classroom environment.

Learn how to use an LMS to enhance student achievement, maximize efficiency and save yourself much needed prep time!

Stay tuned for my next podcast session on LMS!

How do you handle March Madness?

As a most fellow educators could agree, March is a grind.. This is month traditionally the most dreaded in academic year.  There are no holidays, usually more professional development and worst off all….No Days Off!

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Here are some tips with how to maximize my March and make that final push before the 4th quarter.

Coding and programming made easy


If you are teaching programming and coding concepts to middle school students on up.  Khan Academy is an engaging, easy to use website for learning these principles.  It is also free!

Create a simple animation using functions